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Related article: Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 22:41:00 -0800 (PST)
From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music 11This story contains gay teens in sexual situations, if you're not old
enough to be here videos de lolitas latinas
than leave.This story is fictional, and it is a coincidence if you see yourself or
anyone you know in here.Face-The-Music Chapter 11By Jamie WadeThere I was, standing over the kitchen stove, making eggs. I was trying to
make breakfast for my sister, who had just been raped. Raped by the brother
of the guy who raped me. I know, I've forgiven Percy and all, but it still
doesn't excuse what he did. This whole thing is just one big mess that has
opened up a giant can of worms. I was lost in thought, and didn't realize I
was burning the eggs until I smelled the smoke."Shit." I said to myself quietly. I turned off the stove, and ran the pan
of burning eggs to the sink, and turned on the faucet, and drenched them."Well, I guess breakfast is out of the question." I turned around and saw
Tara standing in the doorway. I raced over to her, and gave her a big bear
hug."Man Tara, am I glad to see you. Thanks for getting over her so quickly.""No problem. So, how's Rachel doing?""I don't know. I brought her down into the living room about an hour ago,
and I haven't heard a peep from her." Then we both walked into the living
room, and saw Rachel watching some cartoons. She was lying on the couch,
and then noticed both of us. She got up, hugged Tara, and started crying
again."Shhh, it's ok Rachel, we're going to take care of this. Everything is
going to be ok, I promise." But I saw the look of fear in Tara's eyes, who
could blame her though, I felt the same way. This was going to be really
hard for Rachel; I just had no idea how to handle this. I mean, I've been
through this before, but the cops didn't even consider it, considering it
was Mr. Elliot's son.After a while, Rachel calmed down, and we got her to sit on the couch
again."Ok Rachel. Now I know you probably don't want to do this, but we have to
go to the police about this.""Why? I just want this whole thing to go away. It's over and done with, why
do we have to go to the police?""Because Rachel, what he did to you was wrong, he needs to pay.""I don't care, ls bbs lolita asian as long as we don't talk about it, it will go away.""But Rachel...""No buts, ok. We are not talking about this anymore." It was clear Tara
wasn't getting anywhere, so I had to step in."RACHEL! Now I know you don't want to go, but YOU ARE GOING! You don't have
a choice in this matter. I know, you are too ashamed to go, you don't want
people to know that you were taken advantage of, but you are going. If you
don't go, you will lolita russian nude pics
live the rest of your life haunted by the images of him
raping you, lolita dick girls cartoons and you won't be able to live with that. And you want to know
how I know this, it's because it happened to me, ok. I have been through
this, and I know what it's like for you, so you are going. No questions
asked.""Josh, I had no idea.""Yeah, well, I didn't want to seem like I was weak.""Yeah, I know what you mean.""Um, so are we going to the police?""Yeah, lets get going."After our little talk, we all drove the to police station. We walked in,
and were about to get someone, when we saw Percy and Neil there. I forgot
that they were coming today to give them Percy's dad's ledger, so he would
be put away. I told Tara and Rachel to wait a second, and I headed over to
Percy and Neil."Hey guys, turning in the ledger?""Yeah, we already did. One of the cops took it, and now they are going over
it. What are you guys doing here?""Well, I guess you better find out now rather than later. It seems that
Wes, your brother Percy, raped my sister last night, or early this
morning. So we are hear to make sure that he pays for this.""Wait a second Josh." And with that, Percy dragged me outside by the arm,
and kind of forcefully too. "Josh, you can't do that.""And why not, he deserves it?""I know, but Wes is all the family I got right now, and I just don't think
I could take losing him too.""But he raped my sister! I won't let him get away with that, I won't let
this happened again. Not now, not ever.""Listen, Josh, I understand. It's just that he's my brother, at least let
me talk to him before you do this, ok?""Ok, but I'm not giving you that much time, at least a day, ok?""Ok." And with that, Percy took off running out of the police station, and
towards his house, looking for his brother."Where did Percy go to?""He had to go home.""Oh, well the police went over the ledger, and it pre cum teen lolita is accurate, so they are
going to get his dad.""Now?""Um, yeah, now.""Oh shit, Percy is going to be there, what if his dad..." I didn't even
have a chance to finish the sentence, Neil went bolting out of the door. I
then rushed over to Rachel and Tara."Um, sorry guys, this is going to have to wait. I'm going to go over to
Percy's house, Tara, you take Rachel home. Trust me Rachel, we are going to
make Wes pay."So then I raced towards Percy's house, and Tara and Rachel went home. I was
running as fast as I could, trying to make it to Percy's house. I just hope
that Percy was ok, his dad could have done anything to him if he found out
he turned him into the cops. I eventually got to Percy's house and saw a
bunch of cop cars outside. I looked around, and spotted Neil and Percy."Hey guys, I got here as fast as I could, did they get your dad?""No, he's not home. It looks like he hasn't been home for awhile, so they
are going to wait around for him, and if he doesn't show up, they are going
to go look for him." Percy looked kind of nervous, so Neil took his hand in
his and squeezed it, have I mentioned how cute they are together."Don't worry Percy, I'm sure they are going to catch him. By the way, is
your brother here?""Um yeah, he's in the kitchen, the cops were asking him some
questions. Listen Josh, just let me talk to him first, ok?""Ok, but when? I can't wait around forever.""Well, I guess now is the time then.""What are you guys talking about?""Later lolicon 3d boys porn
babe, right now preteen loli art galleries
I got to talk to my free lolitas bbs tgp brother." And so Percy went
inside, and pulled his brother aside to talk to him."What's going on Josh? What happened with Percy's brother?""Not right now Neil. I'll tell you later, ok?""Ok, whatever." Then we heard Percy and Wes screaming at each other, and
the cops intervened, and held each of them back."Ok Josh, now you can talk to the cops.""Um, ok. Maybe in a second, can I talk to you for a second?""Sure." So I took Percy outside to find out what happened."So what happened Percy, why were you guys screaming?""Well, it seems my brother has my father's way of thinking. He said he
wasn't even sorry for what he did, he said Rachel wanted it, she is just
being a cry baby.""Man, I'm so going to kick his ass.""Yeah, I know, but the truth is I kind of used to be that way, with you.""Yeah, but you apologized for it, and I've forgiven you. You know, you've
really changed Percy, in just the past few days, ever since you met Neil.""Yeah, I know what you mean, I really love him.""I kind of figured, it's hard not to tell.""I guess, I see the same thing in you and Aaron too.""Yeah, he's great. So I guess I have to turn your brother in then.""Yeah, come on lets go." Then Percy preteen loli art galleries and me went in, and I told the police
what happened between my sister and Wes. They sent a cop car over to my
house to get a testimony from Rachel, to confirm my story, and I knew they
would. Then out of the blue, Percy said something that shocked both Neil
and me."I did the same thing to him.""What? What was that son?""I raped this kid right here, Josh.""Um, do you realize what your saying Percy.""Yeah, I do.""Son, are you confessing to me?""Yes officer. When Josh here came to the police station confessing I raped
him, he was telling the truth. You guys just ignored him because of my
father, but he was telling the truth.""Ok son, well then, you know what we have to do.""Yes officer, I do.""Ok son, put your hands behind you back then." And with that, they
handcuffed Percy and took him to the police car. Neil walked after him, but
the officer told Neil that he would have to meet Percy at the police
station. Then the officer drove off with Percy in the back seat."Listen Josh, I gotta go see if Percy is alright, so I'm going to have to
bail ok?""Yeah, ok Neil. Listen, I hope he's ok, and you should know I had nothing
to do with this.""Yeah, I know, bye." Then the officer in charge of Wes got a call on his
walkie-talkie."Ok, yeah, good. Ok, it looks like your story is good. We're going to take
Wes here into the station, you want a ride son? Your sister and her friend
are going to be there.""My cousin, and yeah, I'll hitch a ride, thanks." Then me, the officer, and
Wes in the back, took a ride to the station. It was a pretty awkward ride
too, until Wes spoke up."I hope your happy Josh, you have single handily ruined my family.""You, I am thanks." Then we arrived, and I saw Rachel and Tara there, and
then I noticed Kylie and Aaron there as well."We called them both, I hope you don't mind.""Of course not, hey guys.""Thanks for letting me know what the heck is going.""Yeah, sorry Kylie.""Hey babe." I gave Aaron a kiss on the lips that lasted for like a minute."Hey, my mom said she talked to you when you left this morning." It got
quiet when he said that, and I realized what he just revealed."Ok, yes, I stayed the night at his house, can we move on.""Ok." Everybody said it in unison, it was pretty funny.We all stayed at the station for about an hour or so, and then left. Percy
and Neil had to stay a little while longer. I don't think they were going
to hold Percy that long. He would be released in about another hour, so
Neil was waiting for him. I don't know what they were doing with Wes. I
think I heard them say they were sending him to some juvenile facility far
far away, thank god.We all arrived back at my house, and decided to chill on the couch."Oh, hey, we better call mom and dad, to let them know what's going on.""Yeah, your probably right.""I'll do it lolita girl nude russian you guys, don't worry.""Thanks Tara, I just couldn't handle it right now.""No problem." Then she went to the kitchen, and called mine and Rachel's
parents. She came back later and informed us that our parents were leaving
their vacation early so they could get home. Then we all decided to watch a
movie, but we all ended up falling asleep once the FBI warning screen came
on. It had been one busy morning, and we were all exhausted.I don't know how long that we had fallen asleep, but the time I woke up, it
was dark out. I looked around, and everybody else was asleep. I noticed
that Aaron had fallen asleep in my lap, he looks so cute when he sleeps. I
noticed that my throat was really dry, so I got up and went to the kitchen
to get a drink of water. Once I had gotten my drink, I decided to go
outside and sit and relax, right like I needed more down time. I was
sitting there a while when I noticed someone coming towards me, and it
looked like they were moving kind of slow. I soon realized that it was
Neil, and he didn't look good. As he got closer, I noticed that something
was wrong with him; I just knew something bad happened. He finally got to
my porch, and I looked him over. He had a bloody nose, a black eye that
looked really bad, he was holding his arm, and he was limping on his right
leg, so that must have been hurt as well."Holy hell japanese naked lolita schoolgirls Neil, what the heck happened?""Percy...Dad...bad.""What, Neil, I can't understand you?""Percy's...Dad...came...killed...cops...took...Percy." Neil couldn't
function anymore, and just collapsed in my arms. Oh shit! Percy's dad must
have come home and saw the cops, so he killed the cops. Then he must have
gone to attack Percy, but Neil got in the way. Once he beat up Neil, he
took Percy. Fuck, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.To be continued...See, you guys didn't wait too long for this chapter. Ok, only one more
left, can you believe it, I know I can't. Well, I hope you guys have
enjoyed reading this as I have typing it. I'm working on another story
right now, it's called One-Night-Stand. I should prove to be pretty good,
so look out for it, I'll give you more details next chapter. And also,
don't hesitate to send me feedback at
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